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19 Dec 2014
When we speak about the most influential women in the UK, the first name that comes, almost automatically, to mind is that of the Iron Lady, Ex Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher ; that is an unforgettable name in the annals of women of the UK. Of course Her Majesty the Queen, the brilliant author of the Harry Porter series of books, also come to mind. Into this category of illustrious category of people, now the name of Joanna Shields, knighted recently ( September,2014) with the Order of the British Empire( OBE) can be added.

It was Prime Minister, David Cameroon who recommended to Her Majesty that a Life Peer position to be created and nominate Joanne Shields for that coveted position. Shields ( born July 12,1962) first caught public attention as a business magnate and investor. Since 2014,she is also a Conservative Party's members of the British Parliament. Her name was reported in the digital and business media as one of the most influential women in the U.K of 2013.

Currently She holds the position of an Advisor to the Government ( Prime Minister) of the UK in the area of Digital Technology and associated services. She is also an ex-officio Director of the London stock Exchange. From the mid 1980s,Joanna Shields has been playing several important roles and positions in several well-known companies in the world of Digital Technology. These include firms such as Electronics for Imaging( Efi), Real Net works and most importantly Google and has also been involved with Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook. She had originally come to the UK from California in the year 2000. She has the distinction of holding dual citizenships of both the USA as well as the UK. You should also visit Joanna Shields Tech City for more information.

In Face book, she had held the positions of Vice President for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Shields was also the President of America On Line. Thus her name frequently appeared in the media for her expertise in the business area of Digital Technology as well as a good and capable management expert. In July 2013, the magazine named Computer Weekly named Joanne Shields as the most influential woman of the UK. It was during her reign, as CEO, that the customer base of Bebo crossed the 850 million mark. It was before this Joanne Shield worked at Google as managing Director for Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

It is important to briefly touch upon this dynamic lady's career here. It was in 1984 that Joanne Shields, while studying for her graduation in business management, she wrote a business plan for the organization called the National Digital Corporation. It was during these times, that Shields turned her attention to both management and digital technology as her options and choices for future growth.

Joanna Shield's growth and development into an influential digital technology and management expert is an interesting story. This can provide a guide line for the current young generation, how to dream about the future. Achievement does not come easy and nothing succeeds like success. These adages and statements are once again proved and stand as solid evidence as to the importance of having a vision for future.